Stella June’s Birth Story-June 21, 2014


Although Stella was my second natural/no med birth I did not know what to expect. Things this time around were much different and this was my first homebirth. I began having intense contractions two weeks before I had her. I would think I was going into labor over and over again, but my body was […]

Birth of Anna


When I found out I was pregnant with my third baby I initially started seeing an OB. My first two pregnancies I did the same. I had always had the idea of a homebirth in the back of my mind, but being young and having a husband in the military I just did what was […]

Birth of Kaden


My first pregnancy seemed fairly simple, I had no issues other than “baby was measuring big”. I was seeing an OB at the time, whom I really only saw maybe 3 times through out my pregnancy due to her being in the hospital. Although I barely knew this woman I was expecting her to bring […]

Birth Story of Miss Marti Monroe Bell


I am a first time mom. Losing my own mom 3 years ago, I was very alone and longing for that lost love. I missed the mother-daughter connection, oh so much. Being pregnant without your mom’s support and guidance is tough. I decided to have a home birth because I was working some measly job, […]

Our Sweet Baby Cady Jaymes, Born in Her Own Room!!


After having 2 previous healthy pregnancies and deliveries, we knew we wanted to have baby #3 at home. This was baby number 3 for me and baby number 1 for my hubby. We had some friends who had home births and had only positive things to say about it. So, after finding out we were […]

The Birth of Ezekiel

Baytown pregnancy

My first son, Zion, was an average hospital birth. I had a midwife who worked at the hospital, I was in labor for 18 hours and I had an epidural. I came away from that experience feeling overjoyed to have my son in my arms, but also disappointed for a lot of reasons. I felt […]

Birth of Samuel


After having two kids in the hospital the way most Americans are led to believe is the “right” way, my wife announced that she would like to have our next baby at home with a midwife. She had just taken a pregnancy test two weeks before. I will have to admit I was not at […]

Birth of Izak


When Audrey was born 17 years ago, I went through the motions and delivered her vaginally at the hospital as most women are taught to do from a very early age. Interventions included pitocin, epidural, episiotomy, and vacuum extraction. With an epidural, after the intense pain of the needle, it only took on half of […]

Birth of Grant Sallows


I had heard these amazing stories, a mom dreams of having her baby under the tree in her backyard, then goes into labor the next day. She tells her midwife her dream and her midwife says “Why not?” So she does.  It’s the very tree, at the farmhouse her grandparents had lived. Another mom begins […]

Skyler’s Birth Story


This is the most amazing story of our precious baby girls birth! I started to have contractions around 6pm on Sunday, May 13 which was Mother’s Day! While at dinner with my parents and brother they realized that my contractions were regular! They were all just staring at me like I was a bomb about […]

Birth of Oliver Thomas

Oliver Thomas

My birth story starts long before contractions began for this labor. This was baby number five. I had been through this a few times and knew what I wanted, and I knew what I didn’t want. I knew that I wanted the same midwife that I saw through my last pregnancy and helped me deliver […]

My Birth Story: Homebirth turned ALLLLLLLMOST cesarean


Penelope’s way into this world starts literally days before her actual arrival, which was just greeeeat. Lol. Early Friday morning around 3 a.m. I had my first bout of “false” labor, contractions every 7-10 minutes. I really thought that it was the day with the upcoming full moon and all so I got up around […]

Dennis Gavin Wilkins birth story


I found out I was pregnant again sometime in July. Charlotte was about 8 months old and we both went to the valley with my mom and sister Catherine. Your dad stayed home and worked and took care of our dogs Betsey and Jerky. While in a hotel in the valley I woke up in […]

Melissa Gail


 In the early morning hours of April 4 I knew contractions were starting. But I tried to get more rest, as I knew my baby would be here by supper and I would need plenty of rest. I laid in bed reflecting on my previous births. There was no way I would allow this birth […]

Baby Roxanne

    I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me. I had to remember this verse over and over while I was in labor as this was not what I had envisioned five months ago when I got a positive pregnancy test.      It was April when I went to see my midwife, Darlene, suspecting […]

Madeleine’s Story


Darlene was everything I wanted in a midwife. I interviewed several before I found her. I had never had such a wonderful health care provider. Every check up she answered every question that Michael and I had. She provided us many resources for natural products and information on topics such as circumcision, vaccination, and homeschooling. […]

The Birth of Eden Marie Ghazwani


 I found Darlene through a mutual friend of the family. She had directed me to her website only moments after I found out I was expecting. I immediately experienced a feeling of peace. I’ve always done things as naturally as my lifestyle allows, so for me childbirth would be no different. Reading Ina May’s book […]

Birth of Noah Crosby


I have never ever regretted choosing homebirth!  In fact, it has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I have 6 kids and all but one were born at home.  We had planned to have my third child at home like the first two, but because my water broke early and I did […]

The Birth of Charlotte Melissa Wilkins


I was always terrified of birth. I remember asking my mom when I was about 11 or 12 why my aunts had to have IV and machines hooked to them and have the ‘needle’ in their back or surgery. I remember asking my mom if that was how we all have babies. I remember telling […]