Dennis Gavin Wilkins birth story

DSC05381I found out I was pregnant again sometime in July. Charlotte was about 8 months old and we both went to the valley with my mom and sister Catherine. Your dad stayed home and worked and took care of our dogs Betsey and Jerky. While in a hotel in the valley I woke up in the morning feeling a bit of nausea, I sat up and said to myself “Oh no I’m pregnant”!  So when I got home I took the test and Sure enough you were there! I was so excited I called your dad to tell him to come home soon. He must have heard the urgency in my voice because he kept asking what was going on. I kept saying I’ll tell you when you get home but he then asked me if I was pregnant! I said yes I’m pregnant again! He was shocked. It took about 3 years get pregnant with Charlotte and we thought it would take a long time to get pregnant again.

I called Darlene that day and I told her the news. She was happy for us and surprised we were expecting again so soon after Charlotte’s birth.  Our prenatal visits went very well for the first 5 months. I tested positive with sugar in my urine.  I controlled my blood pressure naturally with the blood pressurex and extra calcium magnesium. I controlled my sugar with diet and exercise. I rode my bike up until a few days before I went into labor! It was hard keeping up with it and some days I slipped but I got back on the right path. It was great that we found a place close by to have an ultrasound done.  Your grandfather Dennis and Trish were there when we found out you were a boy! We were so excited! We knew you would be named after your father and grandfather. When week 40 was approaching Darlene said she would have to send me in for an ultrasound if he didn’t come soon as to make sure you were ok.

My mom and sister were living with us until their new apartment was ready to move into on March 9th. A full moon was to be on March 8th your dad and my mom said that I would probably go into labor then. They were right! I went to sleep early on the 7th I had a feeling it would happen that night. I was tossing and turning when a big gush of water exploded out of me! I screamed and told your dad you were coming! It was 4am when I called Darlene she was so happy for me. She asked me to call her when I started having contractions.

I took a shower and they started. I got dressed and called Darlene. While waiting for Darlene I ate some left over’s and listened to music and surfed the web. Darlene checked on me by phone and let me know when to fill the birth pool. Your dad was now up and filled the pool but we blew it up unevenly and was a bit lopsided, lol. Darlene arrived at about 8am and added some magnesium in my birth tub and rubbed some on my arm to lower my blood pressure. She took my vitals and my blood pressure was normal! I was so glad!

My contractions were not so bad compared to my labor with Charlotte. I did not puke once! I stood and walked during most of my labor and talked my mom, Catherine and your dad and played with Charlotte a little. Darlene called another midwife Liz to attend my birth and At about 11 am we put on the Wizard of Oz for your sister and I got in the pool. It was such a relief getting in that pool. I had a few contractions and pushed for a while but nothing happened. Darlene checked me and informed me I had a swollen cervical lip. I asked what that meant and she let me know that we had to get the swelling down or I’d be in labor for a while longer. She said we can get the swelling down by not pushing for a while or she can rub some evening primrose oil on my cervix and push it back. That meant I had to get out of the pool. I decided to give not pushing a try, bad idea, lol after holding you in for 3 contractions I asked Darlene to take me to my room and push my cervix back. So your dad came with me and I laid down and Darlene pushed back my cervix as I had a contractions after about 3 minutes she announced the head was out and I told your dad to touch your head, lol . I asked to go back to the pool because we had such a wonderful birth pool and I really wanted another water birth, but I could not control my body and there was no time to get back in.

My body felt like it was possessed and just took over, out you came like a bullet! Your umbilical cord was wrapped around your chest and shoulder so Darlene gave you some oxygen. You had quite a lot of vernix and Darlene estimated you to be about a week early, I guess I was off on my calculations.Liz arrived just after you came.

Your aunt and grandma came in to see you and took some photos. You were only out for about 5 min when you found the nipple and sucked out your milk like a vacuum! You were born at 12:01pm and you were starving! Darlene gave you the vitamin K shot because you were a bit bruised. Your dad cut the cord when it stopped pulsating. You weighed 9lb 2 oz and measured 22.5 in long! I was a bit disappointed I didn’t have a water birth but I was so glad you were finally here and the pain was gone! I saved your placenta and we hope to plant it under a tree soon.

Darlene and Liz were great with postpartum care too they stayed to clean up and help me with whatever I needed. I know I said I didn’t want any more kids but I think we will have one more. Darlene is a wonderful midwife, she took time to answer all my questions. I felt comfortable with her. I hope to have Darlene as a midwife again.

–Melissa Wilkins–