Darlene and the entire BioBirths staff are truly amazing. They are all so caring and attentive. Throughout my pregnancy, I could always reach out with any questions and they were answered immediately. If I needed anything at all I knew I could ask. They are incredible. I couldn’t have asked for better care prenatal and postnatal. My birth experience was so smooth. Darlene knew exactly what I needed and when. She was extremely comforting and gentle. I highly recommend her.
–Kayla Davis—

I had my second baby with Darlene, and she helped me to have the best delivery that I could dream of. I was in doubt if I should have my home birth (I was almost 42) and my doula suggested to contact Darlene, and it was the best thing I did. (I visited a couple of midwives before, but with Darlene I felt connected at the first moment that I meet her). Darlene is caring, loving, and very knowledgeable and made my husband and I comfortable with our decision of home birth. She answered all my questions and concerns, and made me feel very confident that I could do. My delivery was faster than my first child, but my baby was born with the umbilical cord in her neck 4 times. it was a very tense moment, but Darlene handled so grateful and we had a wonderful and happy ending. I am very grateful for all the experience.
–Renata Saintive—

You could not be in safer hands. I have known Darlene personally and professionally for many years. She has a keen understanding of prenatal and postpartum care, nutrition, health and wellness and has both a very holistic and a medically knowledgeable approach. I have trusted my wife and daughter to her and you can too!!!
–Brad Walker–

Darlene is very passionate about her work and it shows! She served the Victoria area very well and now she is serving in the Houston area. She has long been respected in both her practice and in the midwifery community.
Her clients love her because of her unrelenting confidence in the birth process and her colleagues admire her for her incredible ethics and purity to the craft of midwifery.
She is highly recommended!
–Janet Dirmeyer, LM, CPM–

When I think of babies, I think of Darlene. She has a passion for her work with mothers-to-be and new life. I truly wish that I would have known her when I had my children. I will not hesitate to send my own daughter to Darlene when the time comes.
–Leslie Terrel Blakey– 

Darlene is a wonderful person to work with. She is positive and encouraging and very comfortable to be around. She is knowledgeable in her field and she will make sure that you are taken care of.
–Sandra Hampton–

I loved that my care was tailored to me and my baby. Darlene is very knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth. I love that I wasn’t told what to do, but given the tools to research and make my own informed choices. I would 10 out of 10 recommend Darlene and BioBirth to anyone interested in home birth.
— Sarah Piper Garcia–

Couldn’t of imagined my beautiful homebirths without Darlene’s care. She’s amazing and I wouldn’t do pregnancy in the future without her. She’s responsive at all hours and days of the week to all your needs and concerns and has so much experience that you always feel safe and confident about your upcoming birth.
Love Darlene and can’t wait until the next baby to do it all over again! 
— Lucy Luedecke–

Darlene is an incredible midwife. She is extremely intelligent and wise without being clinical, and loving and supportive without being pushy and overbearing. I had her attend me for my last birth and will have her again for my next one next month. Personalized, professional, and loving care…everything every woman needs and deserves when choosing a birth provider. She is the best.
— Jennifer Marin Parke–

I absolutely loved having Darlene as my midwife. I had her attend my two home births. She went well beyond to make sure that not only I had the births I was looking for, but that everyone was safe and healthy. She also helped with pre-pregnancy nutrition, as well as guided my family on a healthier path. 
— Angie Sallows–

Without the amazing, loving care of our midwife this last year we would have never been able to get our “Rainbow” baby here as we planned. The support and encouragement in my body to know I could have my son via VBAC has been truly healing for not only my but my family even though it did not come the way we planned. It is such a beautiful thing you get to do everyday by bringing babies into the world as nature intended. There are no words to truly express how grateful we are for you and your team. You will always be a deep part of our family and we will pay every thing you have done for us forward to ensure moms/families know they can birth the way they want and know is right!
Love The Boyers
–Adrianne Boyer–

Had a great experience with our first birth! Can’t wait until the next one! Darlene is very knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend her to everyone I know who is pregnant! 
— John Manigold–

Darlene is an amazingly wonderful midwife. She was so knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable right away. She will always be a part of our lives 
— Crystal Grace Anderson–

I had the pleasure of meeting Darlene when I was pregnant with my 4th child. I had for years been very interested in birthing at home so when we found out we were pregnant again we opted to do just that. From our very first meeting I KNEW this was going to be an amazing experience. Darlene has such a sweet and caring manner that I was certain I was in great hands. She helped us deliver our 11lb. 2oz bundle of joy just before Thanksgiving and a year later came our youngest. Her knowledge is endless and her ability to empower women in making their own labor choices are two reasons I would recommend her to any expectant mother. In fact she will be delivering my first grandchild in September and we could not be more excited for her to yet again be our family’s Angel.
–Rachel Stuart Johnson—

My son was delivered April 1st of 2006 by Darlene, owner of BioBirth. The services she provided me during my pregnancy were top-notch. She received every call and was accessible to me when I needed her at a moment’s notice. Darlene made me feel comfortable guiding me step by step through the delivery process, helping me understand that home birth is a more natural way to deliver. Being in my home during the recovery process was fantastic and I am so glad I chose home birth. Thank you, Darlene for all that you have done for me and are still doing.
–Susan Murphy–

Darlene delivered 4 of my children. No birth exactly alike and one was more difficult than any of the others but SHE WAS AN AMAZING MIDWIFE! Her heart, love and dedication to delivering babies is what makes her the Best Midwife Ever.
–Heather Havel Misener—