As soft, beautiful music filled the room,
I whispered to your mother, “It will be soon.”
I told her she was strong and doing quite well,
But getting tired I sure could tell.

Contractions were closer as it was almost time,
With the doppler we all knew you were fine,

As your head began to crown,
There was not a single frown.
Here you come, you couldn’t wait,
You were not early, you were not late.

I supported your head as it slowly came,
A couple of minutes we would know your name.
You dad was supporting, staying cheerful,
Holding your mom, never fearful.

No cord around your neck was found,
As your shoulders rotated, I guided them down.
Out came one and then the other,
With a gentle push and then another.

As I lead her hands down to you,
She knew just what to do.
Your mother touched you with a joyful cry,
Another contraction, a great big sigh.

I looked in her eyes and saw a tear,
For she was so glad you were here.

Your body slipped out quick as a wink,
With your first cry, you were all pink.
I helped you to your mother’s chest,
As your first meal would come from her breast.

Your mother nursed you holding you dear
While I listened to your lungs, making sure they were clear.
Carefully listening to your heart beating strong,
Born at home where you belong.

The pulsing of your cord soon did stop,
Cutting it was a job for your Pop.
You were weighed and measured and swaddled just right,
Then your dad rocked and held you tight.

Your birthday was special that day of the year,
And will be remembered by all who are here.
One day as you’re traveling through life,
You can stop by or call your friend and midwife.

By Darlene Dorries-Scrivner,
Licensed Midwife