Homebirth Organization Sheet

Homebirth is a gentle choice for you and your baby. You and your baby are both are treated with respect and your care will be tailored to your individual needs. There is very little focus on a clock and there is no focus on invasive procedures to hurry your baby along. You are supported and cared for in your own space so let’s get that space ready for your birth. Don’t stress too much over getting everything ready, your baby will come into the world whether you have your favorite socks ready or nothing at all.

  • Make sure your Midwife and all people attending your birth have a map or written directions of how to get to your home.
  • The names and phone numbers of those you will need to call once labor begins and a list of those that you want to call to announce baby’s arrival.
  • Birth plan for both home and hospital (in case of the need for a transport) Be sure to include your preferences for Baby’s care also.
  • Order your Birth Kit so that it arrives by the time you are 34- 36 weeks into your pregnancy.
  • In His Hands Birth Supplies has our custom birth kit ready to ship to you. http://www.inhishands.com/darlene-dorries-scrivner/

Miscellaneous Supplies

Babysitter for children, labor support people
Flashlight with fresh batteries
Heating pad or hot water bottle
Box of trash bags for laundry, trash, placenta, pillows, etc.
Crushed ice in 3 or 4 ziploc type bags for ice packs
3 or 4 bottles of sports drinks Gatorade, Third Wind, Recharge or Emergen-C
Fruit juices
Good quality food with easy to grab snacks
Roll of paper towels
Nursing Nightgown for after the birth
Diapers, cloth or disposable
2 bottles hydrogen peroxide
Plastic sheet for the bed
Bottle of oil for massage, preferably in squirt bottle.


Camera – with film and flash (and batteries)
Lip balm
Nursing bra & pads
Warm socks
Baby Book


1 set of clean sheets for use after the birth
Clean pillow cases for use after the birth
1 plastic mattress cover or thick polyethylene
Firm mattress
Vinyl zippered pillow cases
4-6 adult full size bath towels
4-6 wash cloths
4-6 receiving blankets

  • You may also want to have the name and hospital of the doctor and facility you prefer in case of the need to transport.
  • You should also have available the name and phone number of the pediatrician or family doctor you plan to use for Baby.