Neonatal Resuscitation class with Karen Strange

About this event:

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This class is specifically designed and taught for any setting where babies are born, including the hospital, birth centers and home birth. The class is suitable for MDs, EMT’s, CNM’s, CM’s, PA’s, CPM’s, DEM’s, RN’s, doulas, childbirth educators, students, apprentices, helpers–and anyone who may be present at a birth, including parents.

The workshop:

  • Combines AAP/NRP skill requirements with cutting edge information.
  • Will expand your current knowledge of the current evidence-based research.
  • Covers topics such as pulse oximetry at birth, the use of 100% O2 versus room air in resuscitation of the newborn, suctioning at birth, why and how to give those first few breaths, ventilatory strategies, why meconium stained waters happens and how to proceed.
  • Clearly explains normal newborn transition.
  • Demonstrates neonatal transitional physiology and physiologic cord closure.
  • Teaches from the perspective of the conscious and aware newborn.
  • Defines the relationship between physiological, psychological, and the emotional aspects of birth for the baby.
  • Brings awareness to the neuro-developmental impact of stress/joy during the prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum periods.
  • Incorporates pre- and peri-natal psychology research into the baby’s experience of birth.
  • Brings to light how the caregiver’s nervous system responds in emergencies and then demonstrates how to deliver necessary skills in that emergency.
  • Teaches “Simple Tools” to help you help babies integrate their journey of birth.
  • Fulfills the AAP/NRP course of completion (you get the card, if you have submitted your verification form).

Appreciate this miraculous process that we all go through to come into this world?

  • know what is happening
  • know why
  • know what to do when
  • know when to do nothing
  • feel comfortable with your knowledge and ability

Other pertinent information:

  • Class Fees will be $240 for all students unless noted on the registration page
  • It is scheduled from 8:45am to 5:30pm
  • Anyone may attend Karen’s class
  • NRP no longer differentiates between new and renewing students.
    Everyone is taking the class new each time.
  • The online exam is required only if you want/need the AAP/NRP card. If you do not need or want the card, you do not have to take the exam.
  • If you want/need the AAP/NRP card you must complete the AAP/NRP ONLINE EXAMINATION prior to attending the class. The online exam is to be done during the 30 days prior to the class. If this is a problem please contact Karen at You MUST bring the verification form, supplied upon passing the test, with you to the class! Please bring the verification form NOT the contact hour sheet.
  • The AAP/NRP card is not a “certification” of competency and does not authorize learners to perform skills during resuscitation of actual newborns. While all learners may practice all the skills, including intubation and umbilical line placement, completion of the program does not imply that an individual has the competence or qualifications to assume clinical responsibility for these procedures.

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